Fiscal Staff

Employee Position Extesion
Vacant CFO 0287
Stephanie Jarnaghan Sr. Acct. Tech-Payroll and A/P 0224
Manuel Mattz Sr. Accountant (Temp) 0290
Angela Pratt Acct. Tech-Accounts Payable 0219
Sarah-Diaz-Lourenzo Grants and Contacts Comliance 0202
Kathy Romero Purchasing Coordinator 0303
Vacant Accountant 0308

Sarah Diaz-Lourenzo, Grants and Contracts Compliance

Ms. Lourenzo is a part of the Native American community and a fourth generation Humboldt County resident. She completed her undergraduate degree at HSU and is completing a graduate level education in Health Administration. She has spent ten years in finance and ten years in healthcare, and is excited to contribute her knowledge and skills towards healthcare sustainability for our community.