Congratulations to some of the K’ima:w employee stars who were recognized with a STAR award during the month of February. These employees were nominated by patients, co-workers, and guests who observed these individuals for shining brightly during their day-to-day activities.

Thank you to the February Stars, left to right, Joy Zemora-Huse, Casseca Alvarez, Stephanie Jarnaghan, Glenda Masten, Shoshoni Gensaw, Leo Carpenter, Debra Carpenter, Boyd Ferris, Lizabeth Jones, Tammy Ammon, Misqiy’ts Baldy, Dr. Trang Nguyen, Christie Vigil, Alvera Houston, and Misty Blake. Not photographed are Linda Peterson, Grant Moon, Patricia Masten, Darla Marshall, Merri Mae Marshall, and Dr. Emmett Chase.

Why our STARs are shining bright:

Joy Zemora-Huse – Top quality patient care.

Casseca Alvarez – She’s just plain awesome! A blessing in disguise.

Stephanie Jarnaghan – Thank you for all your hard work!

Glenda Masten – She’s always getting my meds. She’s Awesome! Quick, hard-working, handles care with compassion.

Shoshoni Gensaw – She was so helpful. She is always on top of her game. She does the best.

Leo Carpenter – Solid teamwork. Thank you for your professionalism in patient care.

Debra Carpenter – She’s so kind, patient and sweet. Excellent service, always providing the best care possible.

Boyd Ferris – He is a good role model.

Lizabeth Jones – Thank you for help with knowledge in the dental field. Always willing to train and show co-workers new procedures.

Tammy Ammon – Thank you for taking pride in your work, it shows!

Misqiy’ts Baldy – I want to thank you for being there to help me.

Dr. Trang Nguyen – You’re awesome, you are such an inspiration, I’m honored to be working with you.

Christie Vigil – Always helps when needed, she is great at what she does. She is very helpful.

Alvera Houston – Always punctual and on time when she is picking me up and dropping me off.

Misty Blake – Such an awesome co-worker. Hard worker and always helpful, thank you.

Linda Peterson – She inspired me to pursue a career in nursing.

Grant Moon – He is really nice and really cool. Always willing to train and show co-workers new procedures.

Darla Marshall – Thank you for Safety First.

Merri Mae Marshall – She goes above and beyond the call of her job.

Dr. Emmett Chase – Thankful for the patient care received.


If you would like to add a STAR to our next months’ Galaxy then please ask any staff member for a STAR Award form.