Dental Office

Staff Position Extension
Dr.  Doyle Bradshaw Dentist 0311
Dr. Trang Nguyen Dentist 0311
Ossie Young Office Manager 0314
Elizabeth Jones RDA
Clara Jordan RDA
Misty Blake RDA
Dawn Colegrove DA
Yecenia Torres Dental Hygienist

Doyle Bradshaw DDS, Dental Director

Dr. Bradshaw started working at KMC in 1983. Doyle was an outstanding 6th grader, a graduate of Bakersfield College, UCSD, and UCLA School of Dentistry. Doyle’s favorite hobbies are sleeping, eating, and gardening. “I dream of the day everyone brushes and flosses and I don’t see any more tooth decay,” said Doyle.

Yecenia Torres, Dental Hygienist 

Yecenia Torres is a dental hygienist with eight years of clinical practitioner experience. Prior to becoming a hygienist, she spent eight years as an assistant to dental practitioners. She attained her education in New York— receiving her Associates of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene. Later, she continued her education in Florida where she then earned her Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene. Her goals are to continue her education towards a Masters Degree in health to enhance her skill set. Her decision to attend dental hygiene school was based solely on her love for dentistry after seeing many smile makeovers. On a personal note, she has come to Hoopa with her dog and is looking forward to the adventures California has in store. She has an adventurous soul, enjoys watching sports, remaining active, and helping out where she can. Yecenia is grateful for these small yet grand blessings.

Trang Nguyen DDS, Dentist

Dr. Nguyen has earned her bachelor degree at the University of California, Davis and received her doctorate degree at the University of the Pacific, San Francisco in 1994. She has practiced general dentistry since and also has served as Clinical Adjunct Instructor at the University of the Pacific teaching second year dental students. Dr. Nguyen enjoys working with patients of all ages providing dentistry in a cost-effective care with the underlying foundation of overall health and esthetic restoratives.


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