Medical Staff

Employee Position Extension
Dr. Eva Smith Medical Director/Acorn Provider 0272
Dr. Archie COVID_19 Leader 0272
Dr. Rader MD 0272
Dagim Taddesse PharmD, APh, CDE Pharmacy Director/Adv. Practice Pharmacist 0279
Jene Moore Medical Director Secretary 0272
Farrah Pratt Tele-Medicine Coordinator 0169

Eva Smith MD, Medical Director / Acorn Provider

Dr. Smith is family practice physician with more than thirty years of experience in public health, addiction treatment, and preventative medicine. Her major emphasis has been on public policy relating to Native Americans administered through the Indian Health Service (IHS) and medical facilities delivering services. As one of the major authors of an IHS plan to address alcohol treatment-related findings from reports of the Office of Inspector General, her guidance in shaping policy and treatment made her ideal for roles as a Branch Chief and Medical Advisor.

As a public health service officer, the Hoopa Valley Tribe requested her assignment to K’ima:w Medical Center from the Headquarters office of IHS in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dagim Taddesse PharmD, APh, CDE, Pharmacy Director/Advanced Practice Pharmacist

Dr. Taddesse has started working at KMC since January of 2017. Dr. Taddesse received his BA in molecular and cell biology (MCB) degree from the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley) and he received his Doctor of Pharmacy from Touro University California. Recently, Dr. Taddesse becomes an advanced practice pharmacist who will deliver patient centered care service in a clinical setting. Dr. Taddesse will focus on and deliver services in different areas such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, anticoagulation, depression/anxiety, and safe medication use in geriatric population. Dr. Taddesse makes every effort to provide high standard and quality patient centered care services for his patients.

Susan Walsh FNP, River Ducks Provider

Ms. Walsh started at KMC in February 2000. She attended Humboldt State University (CSU Humboldt) and received her NP from Sonoma State (CSU Sonoma).  Her special area of interest is Diabetic care. She is also interested in gardening and reading. What she wants patients to know about her is that she thinks KMC is a great place to work and that she likes her patients.