Governing Board Members

Lesley Hunt, Chairperson Kim Dodge
Angela Jarnaghan, Vice Chairperson Marjorie Colegrove
Karen Kyle, Secretary/Treasurer Elizabeth Turner
Dr. Eva Smith (ex-officio member)

Administrative Staff

Employee Position Extension
Dr. Emmett Chase CEO 0200
Dr. Stephen Stake COO 0288
Mary Benedict CFO 0287
Jessica Mosier Compliance Admin Officer 0234
Danielle Vigil-Masten DV/SA Coordinator 0353
Jesse Armstrong MMIWG Advocate 0353
Rhonda Tripp Coalition Coordinator 0206
Judith Surber Grant Writer 0377
Mary (Kay) Hudelson HR Director 0226
Tara Matilton Administrative Assistant 0200

Emmett Chase MD MPH, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Chase began work here in 1997.  A native of Hoopa and a Hupa Tribal member, Dr. Chase attended Hoopa High before going to UC Davis, Stanford Medical School, and UCLA School of Public Health.  Preventive medicine and public health are Dr. Chase’s special interests. His primary interest off the job is his family, followed by reading and golf.

Mary Benedict, CFO

Ms. Benedict is an experienced financial officer with more than twenty-five years of experience in billing, finance, trust fund accounting, and business financial management. She served as the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s Treasurer tracking and auditing the Tribe’s trust fund reserve and worked on national workgroups to develop modern systems for federal trust fund monitoring and protection. She has more than ten years of experience working as a lead finance person in combined tribal and private sectors in healthcare, business, and construction.

Kay Hudelson- MPA Human Resource Director

 Ms. Hudelson started with K’ima:w Medical Center in March 2021 as the Human Resource Director. With a Master’s in Public Administration and 15 years as the Director of a program she understands the need for recruiting and retaining great staff.   She appreciates providing the opportunity for staff and members of the community to become a strong part of the K’ima:w Team.

 Always willing to listen to the needs of the administration, staff and community to solve the issues that can improve the services made available remains her top priority.

Her legal name is Mary so that’s what you see on her e-mail but she goes by Kay.

Kay relaxes by painting rocks and crafting in her free time.

Stephen Stake DrPH, Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Stake is a specialist in health system administration, program development, monitoring and evaluation, analysis, teaching, and cross-cultural communication.  He has over ten years of public health leadership focusing on social and behavioral interventions for indigenous populations including Apache, Mixtec, and Sylhetti.

As a Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care Scholar for his work in developing sustainability in poor areas, he comes to K’ima:w Medical Center from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health where he was an Associate Faculty member.

Jessica Mosier, Executive Secretary/CQI Coordinator/Joint Commission Liaison

Ms. Mosier has been with K’ima:w Medical Center for nearly twenty years. She has been the Executive Secretary since 2005 providing continuity to the medical center administration and orienting each new Governing Board member to organization policies. In addition, she acts as a continuous quality improvement monitor and a liaison for Joint Commission accreditation standards.

Judith Surber, Grant Writer, Acting HR Director

Ms. Surber has been with the Hoopa Valley Tribe for nearly 30 years. Her most recent post has been as a Grant Writer for K’ima:w. Her previous assignment at K’ima:w involved running Project Connect, a domestic violence prevention program, that spanned multiple grant funding sources.

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